Network Administrator

What will you work on?

Configuration and Maintenance:

  • Configure our network equipment, routers, switches, WiFi and other network devices to ensure smooth operations.
  • Managing good partnership with our partners - peering connections (NIX / SIX / BIX / FeNIX, …), transit providers (Telia, Cogent, Comsource, RETN…) and other partners within network terms. Administering and handling RIPE accounts / IP subnets.
  • Implement improvements and optimizations in the network infrastructure.
  • Assisting OPS teams with knowledge transfer, and maintenance of network infrastructure.

Monitoring and Security:

  • Set up and enhance network device monitoring systems (Zabbix, or similar..)
  • Implement and improve anti-DDoS protection measures to safeguard our network.

Technical Expertise:

  • Possess good knowledge of spine/leaf network infrastructure and layers of OSI model.
  • Utilize your experience with Dell OS 9 / Dell OS 10 or SONiC to maintain network hardware.

Network Segmentation:

  • Ensure proper VLAN configuration and management.
  • Collaborate with the team to maintain firewall rules and access control lists.
  • Cooperation with our partners to ensure optimal network connectivity.
  • Cross-datacenter connectivity, cross-country connectivity

What do we expect from you?

What will get you some bonus points?

What will your initial days at Loopia Group look like?