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Launch your own website. Create your website yourself in a simple online administration. Choose from several responsive templates that make your website optimized for mobile.

Get website Moje stránky for six months for free to .CZ domain registration. The special offer can not be combined with other discounts.

Choose Moje stránky 

49 CZK
w/o VAT per month
59.29 CZK with VAT


2 pages

responsive templates

5 MB file size limit

SSL certificate

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199 CZK
w/o VAT per month*
240.79 CZK with VAT


Unlimited pages for your website (1 domain)

120 responsive templates

2 GB disk space

SSL certificate

e-mails 1 GB

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399 CZK
w/o VAT per month*
482.79 CZK with VAT


1000 pages for your website

responsive templates

500 MB file size limit

SSL certificate

e-mails 1 GB

editing HTML and CSS styles

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*The special offer only applies to new orders for the first billing pay period. We charge the standard price according to the valid price list for the next billing period.

Responsive templates

Moje stránky enables you to create the website you wish! Thanks to a wide range of professional graphic templates that you can adjust, there is an infinite number of website variants prepared for you.

Main benefits

It is simple


Using drag& drop function you can easily design and create your own website as made by a professional. You can update your website as often as you need and you do not need to rely on anybody else. Everything is under your control.

You will be visible everywhere


You can create a website responsive to mobile devices, compatible with most smartphones and tablets. Your website will be available to your customers at anytime and anywhere.

You will have a perfect overview


Reports and statistics are available at all Moje stránky variants. You can follow the number of visitors to your website and see how your business thrives.

Social networks

social network

You can broaden your business and reach more customers using connection to social networks – Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr.

Nonstop 24/7 support


If you need any assistance, please contact ACTIVE 24 customer support 24 hours 7 days a week . FAQ and tips and tricks are at your disposal in our Help center.


  1. Is Moje stránky service determined only for small projects?
    No, by no means, Moje stránky is for anyone who wants to create his amazing website. Suitable for small, medium or non-profit organizations, individuals and others. See parameters and compare alternative solutions, to select the correct option.
  2. Why shall I prefer Moje stránky to hiring a web designer?
    For two obvious reasons: you will save money and will have your website under control. Text, images and design can be edited and updated on the principle of drag & drop directly from the administration site. You will not need any developer, you can make all modifications yourself. You can preview them to make sure everything is all right and then publish them to your website.
  3. What are the differences between Moje stránky variants offered by ACTIVE 24?
    Moje stránky variants are designed so that they can monitor the growth of your business. The starting package enables to create the basic website. It is suitable if you wish to be online and share basic information on your services. Higher packages enable sharing more detailed information, offer a wider range of templates and more sophisticated editing options (CSS styles), more disc space for you website, functions to create mobile versions to your website and many more functions. For more information, please see packages comparison.
  4. Can I have my website on my own domain?
    Yes. You can use your registered domain and direct it to your website, or order a new domain together with Moje stránky service at ACTIVE 24. Get our CMS Moje stránky Start for six months for free to .CZ domain registration.
  5. Will I pay for transferred data?
    Definitely not, data transfer is unlimited, you do not have to worry about any additional costs.