Web interface

The ACTIVE 24 can manage a range of services through a Web interface. We have some additional tools at your disposal apart from the Customer Center.

  • Webmail - web interface for reading and sending mail (Startmail)
  • OWA - web interface for Standard Mail and Business Mail
  • MySQL Admin - interface to manage MySQL database
  • MSSQL Admin - interface to manage MSSQL Databases
  • MSSQL MyLittleBackup - interface to manage MSSQL Databases
  • PostgreSQL Admin - interface for managing PostgreSQL databases
  • WebFTP - interface for FTP access to the server
  • Clarification of the most common acronyms and technical terms, see the Glossary.
  • In the event of loss of access data, follow the instructions in our Help Center.

Contact us +420 234 262 000 helpdesk@active24.cz

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