Effective step against hackers

Web Security Web Security

Web Security insures you against security misuse of your web application hosted on ACTIVE 24 servers.
When we detect malware, we'll go through the stored web site code and remove the malicious scripts for you as soon as possible.
If a domain gets listed to Google's blacklist, we will request that it be removed and we will try to remove the cause that caused the blacklisting.

Web Security for existing web hosting

200 CZK per month without VAT

242 CZK with VAT

Web Security with web hosting plan Complete

249 CZK per month without VAT

301.29 CZK with VAT

Web Security Express

If we have warned you about malicious malware on your web application and you do not have Web Security purchased, we recommend Web Security Express.
One-time removal of malware from web hosting and domain listing from Google blacklist.
We will try to remove the malicious code and restore your web presentation to its original state.

Web Security Express

3.499 CZK without VAT one time fee

 4 233,79 CZK with VAT


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