Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Virtual Private Servers are a good choice, in case you need a stable server and require root rights to fully control the server. You may choose to install several operation systems. VPS are unlike other providers backed up daily at ACTIVE 24.

Why VPS by ACTIVE 24

  • VPS are run on branded servers
  • daily data backups in geographically separate locations
  • unlimited data traffic within NIX and SIX
  • ACTIVE 24 cares for the maintenance of server hardware
  • remote access to the server using FTP or SSH console
  • non-stop customer support

Designed for customers who:

  • need to have access to the server admin (root/admin RDP)
  • need to install a specific server software and want to manage it themselves
  • need more performance
  • do not want to care for server hardware

Kontakt Jarin v jedne rade

Jaroslav Křenek +420 234 262 053

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