Virtual managed servers (VMS)

You can host an unlimited number of virtual servers within Virtual Managed Servers. VMS offer the benefits of an own server, but their acquisition is significantly cheaper. Managing virtual servers is done in our
Customer Center.

Jaroslav Křenek +420 234 262 053

Why use VMS from ACTIVE24

  • VMS are operated on branded servers
  • daily data backups in geographically separate locations
  • unlimited data traffic within NIX and SIX
  • web hosting for unlimited number of virtual servers
  • service monitoring in 24/7 mode
  • simple VMS management in our Customer center
  • minimum guaranteed availability 99,93%
  • non-stop customer support

Designed for customers who:

  • are looking for a stable solution
  • do not want their own server, but shared web hosting is not sufficient to their needs
  • need to have some individual parameters set
  • need more performance
  • need to operate more virtual servers
  • do not want to worry about server administration
  • do not want to worry about server hardware
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