Top quality and technical background


Due to the stability requirements we use to operate all services, systems and applications only brand Hewlett-Packard serversor DELL servers, networking products from Juniper and Cisco companies or intelligent PDU from APC.
Select all hardware is based on:

- requirements for reliability, security and scalability
- years of experience with high demands on our backend platform
- of attempting to be the least dependent on external supportních contracts aim is to always have stock available backup hardware to minimize downtime caused by hardware malfunction

High Availability Technology

All customer data is stored on mirrored storage cluster. The primary cluster is located in a data center DC Tower and secondary data center in Casablanca. Data is backed up several times a day within the primary cluster and its contents regularly flips on the secondary cluster, which is ready for providing data in case of problems with the primary cluster.

Services on Windows are run on Hyper-V cluster, which ensures high availability of our services. On individual physical servers are using Hyper-V virtualized individual servers, which in the case of an accident HW zmigrují automatically to other physical servers. This helps the Live and Quick Migration.

Operating systems utilized

Provider on their servers and customer servers using both Linux and Windows Server 2012 (and Windows Server 2008) with Hyper-V. A common feature for both platforms is very quick and sophisticated update of all systems to ensure the highest possible degree of stability and security for our customers. Another common feature is the relatively specific of our systems that utilize our many years of experience in running and hosting services are very valuable know-how of our company.

Data centers, connectivity and security

We operate two independent and physically remote data centers in Prague (DC TOWER, Casablanca), where it is provided by the vast majority of our services. We also have several other data centers in Europe. Larger number of data centers provides customers a unique security of their data and significantly reduce the risk of unavailability of the Internet in the event of failure of one of them.

The primary data center is DC TOWER, the secondary data center is Casablanca. Both data centers are among the top in Europe and offer the following basic parameters:

a) Connectivity

The capacity of our Internet lines are always sufficiently oversized compared to the real needs of, at present, the capacity of our lines used at peak of 5%.

- network connection to the backbone of the Czech Internet (NIX.CZ) with a capacity of 10 + 10 Gbps, we use two such physically connect two remote nodes NIX.CZ
- Access Provider's network abroad with a capacity of 1 Gbps, we use two such connections in two physical locations and from two independent entities
- direct link between the two data centers Provider about 1 Gbps throughput

Topology our network:

b) Security, space and power parameters

- location of servers in locked racks, which can be accessed only by authorized personnel Provider
- modern air-conditioned rooms with two independent refrigerant branches, controlled temperature and relative humidity
- backup power source (connected to two different substations PRE), three diesel generators with fuel for 24 hours and UPS systems
- avoid the risk of flooding due to the locality of datacenter

To avoid the negative effects of technical infrastructures of other clients (network congestion infected systems, etc.) also use standard methods such as:

- use of a central firewall (failover connection)
- protection by local firewalls
- physical separation of customers into their own VLANs

Operational safety is ensured in all respects full redundancy of all the technologies used.

Of course for a hosting provider is our relevance and utilization of the autonomous system (AS) provided by the regional registry RIPE. We have plenty of IPv4 addresses and an unimaginable amount of IPv6 address, IPv6 is fully supported on our hosting services.

Administration Server

Our administrators continuously check if all the existing systems in order and proactively removed as soon as possible any problems in mode 7 x 24 x 365th Technological Equipment Provider and continuous physical presence allows data center personnel, that the solution of all servers is non-standard conditions started immediately after their formation.

SLA - guaranteed quality of service

Because the quality of our services at an above-average level, we can guarantee our customers. All our services provide customers with a guarantee to refund your case, which their availability is less than defined. Specific SLA parameters are listed for each service, in general, they are more stringent, the better the customer uses the service.

The average uptime of our services in recent years has never been lower than 99.991%, which for the customer means that the average unavailability of our services has never been higher than 4 minutes per month.

For customers managed servers can offer a second variant of the guaranteed quality of service and a guarantee for resolving requests or any defects in the defined times.


Our call center is also operated in mode 7 x 24 x 365 The call center provides systematic training for operators who are able at any time to solve customer requirements through three channels:

- phone
- mail
- chat

The customer has the possibility of choice and means of communication with him at any time to resolve your claim.

All operators are involved in the evaluation of the level of communication and customer satisfaction.

Robust call center system allows you to set the preferred processing requests VIP customers (including GOLD telephone lines directly to administrators) and routing individual requests by content requirement for a specific operator according to his skill. At the same time we ensure compliance with the required service level of customer support. (Guarantee of answering the call or adoption to the defined time chat, guarantee answered an e-mail request within the specified time).

Specific quality parameters customer support over the last 12 months:

- 81% is taken up by phone within 10 seconds
- 88% of e-mails are answered within 12 hours,
- VIP customer gets an answer on average in 30 minutes directly from the system administrator
- 97.5% of chat interaction is initiated within 10 minutes

Customer Service

Customer Centre ACTIVE 24 is a comprehensive administration tool that gives not only information about these services, the information about the user, payments, news or running a server, but also the possibility of active management of services performed for the customer. Customer Service is one of the best tools of its kind on the market, most of the necessary actions can be performed by him without customer communication and customer support without the need for technical knowledge. An example might be:

- establishment and maintenance of e-mail accounts on your domain
- establishment and maintenance of virtual servers on your MULTIHOSTING, managed virtual server or managed server
- editing DNS records on their domains
- Installation service control in a single click (Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, ...)

and much more.

Customer Centre function can be tested without the need to register at:

Technological innovation

As a technological leader in the country hosting deploys and supports a wide range of technological innovations that are not only beneficial for our customers, but often for the entire Internet community.

Below are a few examples from recent years:

- SSL/TLS certifikát Let's Encrypt
- Greylisting
- FTPS , SFTP, custom solutions FTP Authorization
- IPv6
- Nginx

For many, the technology used, our company boasts interesting primates.

For example, DNSSEC, we started in the Czech Republic to support the first, we are the second largest domain registrator in the Czech republic and we are between the biggest in number of domains secured DNSSEC in the world, significantly reducing the risk of fake web content or misuse of e-mail boxes.

Solutions developed by us, FTP authorization, which allows you to restrict access for editing web content from a specific state or the defined IP addresses provided by our web site operated anti-tampering by hackers.

Also use a combination of DKIM and greylisting help in the fight against spam is in commercial operation completely unique.

Membership in important organizations

As with technological innovations we are active in organizations that are important for the proper functioning and long-term development of the Internet in the Czech Republic. Our employees are particularly active in the following associations:


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