E-shop Profi

E-shop Profi is recommended if you need up to 1,000 items for your store and support for import / export from / to MS Excel.

  • 1 000 products included in the price Maximal number of items in the eshop, including those that are disabled. If you exceed this limit, you will receive an e-mail notification and items above this limit will be re-invoiced at the prices given in the price list.
  • 0,90 CZK for excess items Monthly price per item in the eshop, when exceeding the operating eshop variant.
  • disc space 3 GB A sufficient disc space on the server is included in the eshop price.
  • can be secured with an SSL certificate To make your e-shop more trustworthy and better visible on Google, we recommend that you secure it with an SSL /TLS certificate.
  • 1 GB for e-mails Space for e-mails which is only restricted by the maximumu total capacity of 1 GB is included on the merchant domain as well. More space for e-mails can be purchased. You can establish e-mail boxes in ACTIVE 24 Customer center.
  • design templates There are free graphic templates that you can customize as color, inserting your own pictures or editing CSS styles at your disposal.
  • 25 parameters for products settings To see the complete menu in the table comparing the parameters, click
  • delivery and payment by price of the order Thee modul allows yout to define the final price of the order ranging from-to and include the price of the selected variant of delivery and payment.
  • PayU-payment gateway Our eshop supports the safe payment gateway PayU for different types of payments: mPeníze, ePlatba, mojePlatba, credit cards VISA, masterCard, VISA Electron, bank transfer, SuperCASH and other.
  • Czech post - package by mail service The module enables customers of your eshop to use the Czech post service - Package by mail. It lies in the fact that the customer can choose a mail from the directory, to which he wishes to deliver a package.
  • Zásilkovna.cz The module Zásilkovna.cz expands your options when goods are delivered to customers through the network of dispensing sites of Z-point network. The customer has the option to select the branch to which the goods will be delivered (you can choose branches visibility in the administration). In the administration of eshop you can also export orders for bulk submission to Zásilkovna.cz (in. Xls).
  • Track the delivery status of consignments Customers of your eshop can track their ordered products using the link that they can get by an e-mail.
  • Google Analytics The eshop supports Google Analytics statistics, thanks to which you get an excellent overview of your online business. It is a useful marketing tool.
  • export to comparator of prices The eshop allows to export data to product comparators using XML. It is required to register your eshop to each single comparator.
  • Google Shopping The module allows to export products to Google Shopping comparator.
  • recommend us This module allows your customers to recommend your eshop to their friends by e-mail.
  • conversions measurement Heuréka, Zboží.CZ, AdWords, Sklik This service allows conversions and return on investment measurement based on the number of underlying orders.
  • Heureka shopping cart and approved by customers This service allows sale through Heureka.cz.
  • HledejCeny.cz If you connect your eshop to HledejCeny.cz comperator, you can view the Lowest price icon in your eshop, if your price is the lowest comparing to other eshops registered in this comparator.
  • Facebook a Google+ button E-shop supports Facebook and Google+
  • Zopim-live chat with customers Zopim.com service allows live-chat with your customers.
  • data import and export to Excel This eshop module supports data import from MS Excel and their export to .xls format.
  • Imports and Exprot data search E-shop support automatic sending goods to the search engine products.
  • Google Site Maps The module automatically generates XML links to product details, categories and articles. Google uses these links to index your website and you are improving your SEO.
  • iDoklad iDoklad arranges for the preparation of the invoice and sends it to the customer in PDF format.
  • URL - aliases Alias is used as a short alternative address. It can be used with advantage if the original URL is too complicated.
  • view packages comparison

You can try ACTIVE 24 e-shop for free for 14 days without any obligation using the trial version. If you decide for the full version within 14 days, all data from your trial version will be transferred to your e-shop.

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