Superstránka is a free service that lets you simply present your personal information, hobbies or business interests on the Internet.

This service is offered with administration in Czech language only.

Superstránka it is intended for both individuals and groups that want to be visible on the Internet and want to have all information about themselves gathered in one place. This means you can add easily your texts, photos and links to interesting sites to your new Superstránka.

Superstránka allows you to connect to your other profiles like - Facebook, Twitter, blog, YouTube, , Picasa and many more, so that on Superstránka, everyone can see what is happening on other profiles and you have all your activities gathered in one place..

Superstránka can be activated for free for any existing domain in the Customer Center - check options in detail under this icon
or order a new domain at .

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Contact us +420 234 262 000

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