Try advertising on Google for free

To your new order web hosting services worth at least 1,000 CZK without VAT (CZK 1,200 including VAT), we give you free credit of CZK 1,000 in the online advertising system, AdWords.

Who of us will receive a free Google Adwords coupon?

Anyone can order and pay for hosting until June 30, 2011, at a minimum value of 1,000 CZK without VAT
and still does not have an account on Google Adwords advertising system.

FREE Promote your site on Google

With Google AdWords you can advertise your products / services / search results page for the world's largest search engine, or the extensive network of partner sites. Thus effectively target your potential customers, clients or readers.

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Terms of action:

  • The event is only valid when ordering hosting at least 1,000 CZK without VAT.
  • Each client Active 24 is only entitled to one voucher Google AdWords.