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The domain. CZ now offer for CZK 179, and we discounted domain endings. To. And is. Dj and as of today you can also free our customers to activate the Customer Centre on all domain endings and Mailforward Webforward .

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Customers who have a domain with us, can now use the free web forwarding and e-mails. Includes services and Webforward Mailforward . The former service redirects visitors coming to the site with a given domain to another internet address, which the customer chooses. Service Mailforward analogy works. Redirects all incoming e-mail to a given domain to another e-mail address. Both services were previously paid by us, now they are all customers for all domain koncovkám free, we want to offer customers further added value for domain registration .

service new price
original price
registration. CZ domain
CZK 179
199 CZK
registration. SE domain 399 CZK 990 CZK
registration. IS domain 4999 CZK 5890 CZK
registration. DJ domain 1999 CZK 2.900 CZK
free of charge
200 CZK
free of charge 200 CZK