Fast and environmentally friendly web hosting

We run a reliable and fast web hosting working with pre-installed WordPress. We guarantee a quality technical background and willing customer support available 24/7 via chat, e-mail and telephone.

We care about the enviroment we live in, that is why beginning January 2020 we utilize exclusively energy from renewable resources for charging our servers. Every web hosting package is fueled by green energy for free!


Green energy web

Web hosting with WordPress

Web hosting with WordPress


FREE .CZ domain for the 1. year

49 CZK w/o VAT per month

59.29 CZK with VAT

Turbo hosting with WordPress


FREE .CZ domain for the 1. year

98 CZK w/o VAT per month

118.58 CZK with VAT

Videotutorials and tips

How to WordPress How to WordPress

Wordpress is the most favourite web creating tool worldwide. It is used by over 30% of all websites. It is a universal tool for both simple and complex websites.

You can contact our trained specialists for advice or any help creating the website.

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fast web hosting

Turbo with WordPress

Turbo hosting with WordPress is a web hosting option for anyone who wants to speed up their website to load really fast. Faster sites are favored in Google search! Turbo hosting has at least 10 times lower server aggregation and your website has higher system resources.

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We care about the environment we live in

We strive for social responsibility, and try to minimize our carbon footprint. Beginning January 2020 we utilize exclusively energy from renewable resources for charging the servers in our primary datacenter in DC Tower, although the delivery costs for green energy are higher than for conventional energy.

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We drive an electric car

We strive to contribute to better air quality in Prague. We could have more company cars. But we have only one and it is electric. 

1 CZK to account of Centrum Paraple

For ten years now we donate 1CZK for every domain we register to the Paraple charity.

Sponsorship for clients of Centrum Paraple

Clients of Centrum Paraple can yous our web hosting services for free.

Free hosting for non-profit organizations

We offer free web hosting for non-profit organizations.

Start-up support

We support meaningful start-up projects.

Cycling to work

We participate in the project  „Do práce na kole“, going to work by bike or by any other environmentally friendly way.

A gift to schools

We preferably donate discarded servers
and other technologies to schools for further use

Ecological disposal of HW

Unusable hardware is handed over for ecological disposal

We are looking for another ways how to benefit society an our planet. If you have any suggestions, feel free to contact us marketing@active24.cz.