Google AdWords coupon

We give you a free credit of 1000 CZK to the online advertising system of Google AdWords to your new web hosting order at ACTIVE 24. The credit can only be used by our customers who have not yet created a Google AdWords account.

1000 CZK credit for your advertising on Google

Who gets a free Google Adwords coupon from us?

Anyone who orders and pays a web hosting and does not have an account with Google Adwords advertising system yet.

Will I be able to set up Google ads on my own?

If you need help with setting up your advertising, Google specialists will be happy to help you on a free phone line 800 500 338.

What is Google AdWords?, or on the so-called Google content network - partner sites, websites, and blogs.

What do you get with Google AdWords?<

With Google AdWords, you'll be able to promote your products / services / website in search results on the world's largest search engine or on an extensive network of affiliate websites. You will more effective target your potential customers, clients or readers.

If you need help, contact our free Google Customer Support at 800 500 338.