Partner Program

His membership in the Partner Program Partner to activate the creation of customer account under which are then recorded and invoiced all services ordered. ACTIVE 24 communicates only with a partner and not with its end customers. Partner may offer services to its clients in the portfolio ACTIVE 24 under his name or company for any price, service at ACTIVE 24 purchases at a discount. Partner discounts are determined by the number of domains or turnover. For an overview of discounts, click here.


Service ACTIVE 24 provides its partners (included in the Partner Program) support and services in the sale of its products in the area of promotion, consultation and technical security
Individual approach in ACTIVE 24 we are open to any suggestions from our partners and we would like to participate as a partnership on your regional activities. Partners have access to their own customer support specialist
Nonbinding respect the priorities of our partners and tied into any contracts. It's up to you to decide to what extent the benefits of the Partner Program benefit
Back-up system subscribe to us on credit and use it for instant domain registration and payment of maintenance fees.
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SOAP interface use interface through which you can register a domain and manage our services.

I want to register in the Partner Program

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