Commissions, conditions

Service Commissions first payment
Commissions other payment
Domains 10 % 5 %
Webhosting 20 % 10 %
e-shop 5 % 3 %
ACTIVE 24 E-mail 5 % 3 %
Extra Mail 20 % 10 %
VMS, APS, VPS 10 % 5 %


  • The amount of commission is calculated from the amount for which the new client order any of the services and the prices without VAT.
  • Claim for commission arises from the first order from a client any further repeat orders (for services rendered periodically).
  • Entitlement to commission arises only when ordered by the payment service.
  • The entitlement and the exact amount of the commission is informed by the dealer at the end of each calendar month.
  • Payment of commission is always against the invoice issued by the dealer, the rate for agency services of VAT is 21%.
  • Commissions are paid within 14 days from receipt of invoice.
  • The entitlement to commission shall not apply to services ordered by the dealer for you.
  • Commissions can be applied in combination with a discounted rate.

Note: These conditions are valid from 1.10.2004.

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