Blocking.CZ domains

This service prevents your domain from illegally transferring it to another registrar, in case of recent changes in your domain record .

1st Block transfer of your domains
This is the highest possible level of protecting your domain against transfering it to another registrar without your permission. It is possible to transfer a .CZ domain using only the AUTH-ID, though there is a remaining risk of abuse often by misuse of the contact e-mail address in your domain record.
If you are interested in a complete block of transferring of your .CZ domains, please use the application of the central registry of .CZ domains, wheree. this service is offered.

2nd Block all changes regarding your domains
This service is blocking any possible changes of the domain, including transfer to another domain registrar. If you are interested in a complete blocking of all changes of your domain, please apply directly to the central registry. CZ domains, which offers this service.

How to and what kind of changes:
Confirmation of changes is available only through officially certified signature or e-mail that is signed by a qualified certificate.
Any changes, including the transfer, can be made for contact, set of name servers and a set of keys.

Important notice:
Blocking service .CZ domains are only offered through the central registry for .CZ domains .
ACTIVE 24 offers this service as an alternative to the service of Notifications.

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