Facts and Figures
Founded: 1997, registered capital: CZK 5,100,000

Management and people
CEO is Peter Šmída, members of management are Martina Pohořelická and Michael Foist.
The company has 49 employees and associates.

Activities and Services
ACTIVE 24 is a leading Czech hosting service and domain registrar.
The original name of the GLOBE INTERNET. In December 2004 it was renamed by its 100% owner, the Norwegian group Active 24 ASA. In October 2003, ACTIVE 24 gained (even as the GLOBE INTERNET) status registrar. UK domains. 31 January 2008, the company managed by ACTIVE 24 74 848. UK domains.
Through the company's headquarters to the Czech ACTIVE 24 was a direct registrar transnational domains (. Com,. NET. ORG,. INFO,. BIZ) and foreign domains (. De.. Have BE. Afraid. PL). 12th July 2005 ACTIVE became an accredited registrar. eu domain; currently offers 38 different domain registration.

Contact us +420 234 262 000

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