100 % extra web hosting for free

When transferring your website from competitors to us, we will give you 100 % extra web hosting for free. For example if you pay for web hosting at ACTIVE 24 for the year ahead, you will get web hosting from us for the second year for free.
Our specialists will help you to set up WordPress or to transfer your website to us from another web hosting provider.

How to get 100 % extra web hosting?

  • When ordering one of our web hosting packages Start or Komplet please provide your domain name for which you have a website with our competitors. When ordering packages Firm or Expert specify the domain name to the note.
  • Submit the following password to the note “100 % extra web hosting”.
  • We will establish your web hosting after payment and will add a paid twice the period bonus to your web hosting within 14 days.

In case of any questions, we will contact you in order to agree to the method of converting your website, which will be beneficial for you. We have prepared a Guide for you on how to easily transfer your website to ACTIVE 24.

Terms of the special offer:

  • This special offer applies to all new web hosting packages orders (Start, Komplet, Firm, Expert).
  • This offer applies to all new paid web hosting orders at ACTIVE 24 with the minimum billing period of 6 months
  • Your transferred website – web hosting, must be paid at least for six months and shall be operated under the same 2. level domain as the transferred website.
  • When ordering web hosting, it is required to fill in a domain (address of an existing website), that you wish to transfer to us.
  • ACTIVE 24 reserves the right to check whether the domain has been hosted elsewhere, by requesting to send an invoice for web hosting with the competition.
  • ACTIVE 24 will set up the bonus web hosting within 14 days from payment.
  • In case of any doubt, ACTIVE 24 reserves the right to reject the application of „100% extra web hosting“ special offer.

Contact us +420 234 262 000 helpdesk@active24.cz

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