Bonuses .CZ Domain

Order from us. CZ domain and get free web, free use, secure DNSSEC and also treats CZK 1 Centrum Paraple.

Make an appointment for us. CZ domain and get a free website, free of DNSSEC, and even contribute to the account of the Umbrella.

FREE GALLERY - Photo Gallery you can activate yourself in our Help Center if you already have for your new domain in 1924, converting a domain with Active 24 and you register a domain with ACTIVE 24

    FREE WEB - to each. CZ domain you will be able to create a simple Web site.Superstránku, you can turn on the Customer Center .

    FREE SECURITY DNSSEC - each. EN domain is automatically secured with technology DNSSEC , which protects information stored in the Domain Name System (DNS) from tampering and misuse. DNSSEC is possible to disable the Customer Center .

    HELP FOR ACCOUNT umbrella - for each. CZ domain registered or renewed by ACTIVE 24, we CZK 1 Centrum Paraple and together they will support the handicapped.

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