is a supplier of domains, email, and hosting services in Europe. We are among the leading pan-European web hosting and domain provider, but our scope is much broader. We are characterized by high professionalism, technological sophistication and a strong desire for innovative solutions. But we are also aware of the fact that technology is nothing without the people who use it. Part of our credo is therefore a maximum openness to customers, their wishes and needs.

A company with a tradition of home

founding of GLOBE INTERNET
GLOBE INTERNET turns into Limited Liability Company
2004 June
ACTIVE 24 investing into GLOBE INTERNET
2004 December

Since 2005 the company entered into a new and very successful period in its history. Considerably expanded and modernized, it gained a leading position in the domestic Czech market. Despite all the changes, however, we never lost touch with what characterizes us from the very beginning: passion, precision and respect for all customers.


ACTIVE 24 in Europe: A european company with a human touch

ACTIVE 24 is a leading pan-European provider of hosting services. The company focuses on small and medium-sized businesses, offering complete and cost-effective solutions for the Internet, combined with relevant, accessible and standardized products with an exceptional positive attitude.

Active 24 was founded in 1998 in Oslo, Norway as Active ISP. Since then, it took over companies like Carambola, Loopia Millenicum inSweden, Ladot in the Netherlands, VI in Britain, Globe Internet, Internet Club and CP Online in the Czech Republic and Cybernetix in Poland, and thus strengthened its market position. The company has also a virtual presence in Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, France, Germany, Belgium, Slovak Republic, Spain and Austria. Group Active 24 offers a full range of its products in fifteen national markets in Europe. From 24. August 2006 Active 24 is wholly-owned Mamut ASA, a Norwegian company ( ).

ACTIVE 24 today

Our philosophy is simple. Based on the belief that Internet users should not be there to solve technical problems, but to fully use the possibilities that a properly functioning internet network offers. That is why constantly evolve, adapt to new trends and why we try to respond quickly to any changes the market brings. We want our clients to be able to devote 100% of their professional or personal activities and and to let us all concerns about the proper operation and functioning of internet services. This approach has won us more than 320 000 customers.

What is true for the Active 24 as a whole is also true for the Active 24 in Czech Republic.We also constantly develop, innovate and seek effective ways to offer our customers sevices top in comfort and safety. We do not only invest into latest technology but also invest in our people. ACTIVE 24 in the Czech Republic has currently approximately 40 employees with an average age 31 years. Thanks to their diligence, expertise and creativity we develop new products and services to cater for what Internet users really want and need.

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